This page is PROTOCOL

Natural nga Alegría is your trusted space where you can continue to grow with the help of all members and find the lifestyle you were looking for.

We are a community in which professionals from 18 countries collaborate with a common goal:

To develop our consciousness and help others to achieve it too.

From our forums we share and solve doubts and in our courses we learn how to use natural resources, without deprotecting the planet, alternative therapies and personal development.

We pay a lot of attention to online security so that you feel protected.
We do not traffic with your data and the content we publish is free of the censorship we are used to in massive social networks or information sources controlled by the system.

In order to benefit from all our services, it is ESSENTIAL that you subscribe because with your contribution you help us to maintain and grow the community.

In addition, you must respect some rules of coexistence.


– Be transparent and impeccable in your publications. Ask yourself the 3 questions of SOCRATES:

Is what you are going to publish true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?

– We all have respectable opinions and personal attacks are not allowed.

– Contrast the information you receive and reflect on what you share.
Practice active listening before refuting and empathy towards other positions.

– Focus on contributing with new approaches and not on convincing about what you believe.

– Alegría Natural is a community of exchange. Its members are as interested in contributing as they are in receiving.

– As a producer, everything you offer us must be natural, ecological and respectful with the environment.

– No apology of violence, ideologies, dogmas, discriminations or abusive behaviors are allowed. Neither, toxic substances of any kind.

Idugang ang Alegria Natural sa imong kinabuhi.

Mahimong bahin niining matahum nga kolaborasyon nga proyekto ug magpabilin nga nahibal-an!

sayop: Gipanalipdan ang sulud!