Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 main ways. If you are a producer, you can open your own shop in our platform and save loads of money on your online presence while reaching a broad international audience.

If you are an instructor with knowledge and wisdom to share, we welcome you to open your own school within the Alegria Natural Academy.

And if you want to learn, to shop in community groups and connect with people who are open to a positive change, you can register as a member.

Alegria Natural is substained purely by its members. This ensures that we don’t depend on advertisements nor investors, which gives us the freedom and flexibility to grow the platform with the community.

Running this platform has monthly costs thata we have to cover, if we had everything free, then we would also be able to provide a free service, but that is not the current reality.

We have asked ourselves this question several times. There is a very valid explanation according to physics that you can easily find, yet, since this is a creative space, we dare to say that clouds are bohemian travellers looking for a place to call home and when they feel they found that place they cry in the form of rain until they descend and dissapear. They just change shapes.

This community has no agenda per se. It adapts with its members. We have no corporate body, nor monlthy objectives. We are here to serve a bigger calling: to recover the essential human values and use internet as a tool to connect, not to escape.

Alegria Natural is aproject that was born in Hong Kong in 2017 and has evolve to be the platform that it is now. Behind it is a team of people who are eager to build a better present and future for the new generations while understanding and transcending the past.

If you have any doubt, please contact us

Add Alegria Natural to your life.

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