Alegría Natural is an association focused on promoting the health and well-being of people.

All its members feel a deep love and respect for living beings and the environment in which they live.


Where you will meet like-minded people and trained professionals who will enrich your information and your criteria.

We are very interested in your point of view, surely you want to discover other positions and approaches.
To learn you have to listen and respect.

The education we have received from the System is deficient, biased and adulterated.
It is focused on enriching a few with the effort of everyone else.

Alegria Natural invests a lot of time and resources to get you all the information you need if you want to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

You will find courses and professionals that will help you to achieve a natural and coherent lifestyle with your environment.

The effort of the people who teach them should be recognized and the prices are adjusted and according to their content.

Alegría Natural provides you with all the necessary tools to launch your project and materialize your business idea.

– Feasibility study
– Personal branding
– Website development
– Copywriting service (content writing)
– SEO (online positioning)

We will help you to give visibility to your products and services.

– Mailing (external communication)
– Interviews in forums
– Event organization

We only advise and support projects committed to the environment and the health of living beings.

If you are interested in generating an extra income you can join this program to promote the products and services of our producers and therapists.

You will receive 5% of the total of each sale you make through your personal link and you will be able to access our digital marketing courses to consolidate yourself as a sales expert.

As a instructor, journalist, communicator or writer.

If you are an expert in a specific area focused on the well-being of the planet and its resources or have extensive knowledge in alternative therapies, we invite you to share your knowledge and turn your experience into an online income generator.

Alegría Natural makes it possible for you to sell, buy and find all the information you are looking for thanks to a committed team that looks after your interests.

We believe in an online world that helps everyone experience more in the real world. It’s about coming together, sharing wisdom, and learning important life lessons along the way.

The payment of memberships is INDISPENSABLE to continue offering all the services with the best quality and all the guarantees.

Your contribution keeps us here!

Choose the membership that best suits your needs

  • Get to know us for a month and discover all the activities you can enjoy if you decide to stay with us.

Get back to your true nature.

  • You will be in contact with people related to your interests and trained professionals that will enrich your information and your criterion.
  • You will be able to access the Alegria Natural community which provides a private, safe and collaborative environment.

  • You will also have access to public groups that help you immerse yourself in the world of Wellness for your loved ones and the planet that embraces you.

The best way to learn about solutions and how you can empower yourself to produce your own food and create a community where you are focused on wellness and collaboration!

  • You will become part of the Alegria Natural network to meet other members with whom to exchange courses, workshops, conferences, products and special offers for members.

  • Access to our VPN Triskel application and all its updates.

You will enjoy all the benefits offered in the NATURAL MEMBERSHIP and in addition:

  • You will have a FREE Alegría natural course of your choice that will help you grow your own food, create your first eco-social business with very little investment, and create buying groups. We start with food sovereignty as a fundamental pillar of our collaborative community.

  • You will have access to the working groups of each course and will be able to work on your project with peers who share your passion and with whom you can find ways to collaborate and synergies for your projects.

  • You will have access to the forums to discuss the topics that interest you and propose your own criteria or other interesting topics.

  • Access to our premium blog articles.

  • You will enjoy a 25% discount on our academic activities and you will have priority access to our ecosocial incubator.

This membership is perfect if you are part of an association, organization or are an entrepreneur.

You will enjoy all the advantages offered in the NATURAL MEMBERSHIP and in addition:

You have at your disposal all the advantages offered by the Association:

  • Special consulting prices from our legal, communications, financial, technological, etc. teams.

Some examples:

  • Priority legal advice by ELEUTERIA .

  • Communication Agency in charge of LOVE IDEAS
    • Marketing consultancy
    • Digital entrepreneurship
    • Web design
    • Copywriting
    • Personal brand and logo design

  • Possibility to promote your courses and workshops and teach them from our academy.

  • Your own private meeting room.

  • Your own encrypted chat where you can share everything safely and securely.

  • VPN application for Android (soon, also for IOS).

  • Create your own group to promote and publish your books, articles, etc.

  • You will enjoy a 25% discount on public prices of our academic activities.

Simple plans for everyone


Free 30 days
  • Get to know us for a month and discover all the activities you can enjoy if you decide to stay with us.


3,99 / €39 Per month / Paid annually
  • This membership is specially designed for those who prefer to learn on their own and enjoy going at their own pace.

Eco-social Warrior

9,99 / €109 Per month / Paid annually
  • You have a deep concern to help the planet to regenerate and you want to be the protagonist of a change at a personal level and in your environment.


99 Paid annually
  • You are one of the key pieces of Alegría Natural and thanks to your involvement we can build this community in much less time.

Share with your people!

Inspire them, there’s room for everyone…

Add Alegria Natural to your life.

Be part of this beautiful collaborative project and stay informed!

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